Inaugural Event at SSN

Blog By : Shreyas


SSN! The name sure might ring some bells to the long time Mozillians.
The college that had given many awesome Mozilla Reps- Dwaraka Nath and Harvish Sekar. Indeed, I must admit, the first person that I approached to get involved with Mozilla was Dwaraka and it was a proud moment to plant water the seeds of Mozilla in their college.
Having expressed his interest in contributing to Mozilla, Vaikkunth had approached me over facebook. I invited him for our event at MIT after which he was totally enthusiastic about starting a club in SSN. I still remember Bharath from SSN, who joined us for our very first event-MozMania. It was so good to know that he was guiding Vaikkunth.
Earlier that day, I was introduced to Farina, their club lead. It was the second club in 2 weeks and this one also lead by a girl! Oh how proud I was! GO WOMOZ!
We reached early around 10 am at SSN and started with the event soon. I started the ever awesome Spectrogram ice breaker!
I must say, this was very different from the one at MIT. There were some really good and strong arguments over some points. It was great to see the crowd warming up so fast.
I was informed that there were two sessions the same day of 2 hours each.
After the spectrogram, Naresh took over the session with a session on Firefox OS and how to contribute to Mozilla through code.
After this session, I gave a talk on what exactly is Mozilla as a community and the ways in which you could contribute. There was a demo of the Firefox OS devices too.
This marked the end of the very energetic first session. Post lunch, we had another session.
In this one, there was a new crowd of students and for them, the spectrogram was conducted by Damini, Achyuth and Shashank.
Sure they did get the wave and it went really well. Time was running short now for the last session so we had to hurry things a bit.
Damini started off the session since she couldn’t contain her excitement seeing more girls than boys in an event. She told them all about WoMoz-the who, why and how part of it!
Wonderful it was to see all the hands go up when she asked-“So how many WoMoz can I expect after this event?”
Achyuth then gave a talk on Webmaker and our very own Makerparty!
It was nice to link the Web literacy question from Spectrogram to this session. Now they began to realize the importance of Web literacy-Users to makers of the web, indeed!
Shashank took the next session on SuMo and helping people on the forums as well Localization. How easy it is to translate articles from English to your local language.
Nikhil gave them insights on how to create apps using the Appmaker. Students really liked it since there was less of code and more of design.
Satya talked to the students about our initiative called KidZilla, which really impressed the students and many approached us asking how they could be a part of this.
The event signed off with Makerparty, Hive and Firefox OS discussions with groups of interested students into breakout sessions.
Cors, this wouldn’t have been possible if not for the excellent team and their efforts.
Well done Farina and team!

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Inaugural Event at MIT

BLOG By : Shreyas

When people hear the name MIT, they often tend to think of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But for the ones in Chennai, it’s always Madras Institute of Technology. Such green, much wow!

The last time I went to MIT was again for a hackathon that we organized( Indeed, it was a proud moment for me because I still remember, the last time we were leaving MIT, Naresh pointed at me and told the boys-“See this guy, he’ll be the Mozilla Rep from Chennai who would be coming for your next event.”
And I was!Their first event after the hackathon was this one-Initiating a Firefox Club at MIT.
Although Naresh and Viswa could not make it, I promised to myself that I’d go for this one no matter how sick I was(Yes, I was sick). At around 10 in the morning, I got a call from Anna, the organizer and Club lead of MIT.
I told her that I was right outside the college, although the evil intention of telling her that I can’t come, crept into my mind multiple times. We got the whole team inside by 10:15 am and started the event soon.
I started off with a Spectrogram– A wonderful ice breaker activity.
It was really nice to interact with the students and get to learn and know what the think about different issues like Privacy and sharing their data on the internet to Using Open source over proprietary software.
The Spectrogram sure did make the attendees more inquisitive about how the entire session is gonna be.
The session started soon after the spectrogram. Being part of CSMIT , they were all pretty much aware of what Mozilla is, as an organization and as a community.
I told them about the various products, projects and contribution pathways within Mozilla.
A demo on Firefox OS was given with the tablet from the TCP. There was a mixed feedback from the students about Firefox OS.
After my session, Achyuth took over the session by going deeper into Webmaker. He showed a Demo of Popcornmaker and X-Ray Goggles and also told about the Makerparty.
Shashank took over by explaining about SuMo, Localization and Thimble with the help of his teaching kit for Localization.
After Shashank was done, Nikhil then took a session on Firefox OS and Appmaker. He explained how to create a simple application using Appmaker and it’s in-built templates.
The last session was handled by Vikneshwar on Bug fixing. He gave us more insights on the best practices to get started with fixing bugs by showing his own first bug and how he got started. Having fixed many bugs over time, it was really good to have him with us to share his knowledge with the students of MIT.
I would not do justice if I fail to mention that the help extended by the FSA’s from Sathyabama University, is worth a shout!
It feels really good when you have many clubs and FSA’s together for initiating a new club. A true sense of a Community.
We talked to the Chairman of CSMIT who was really interested in the idea of Hive and told us that he would definitely talk to the management to try to organize a Hive makerparty in MIT. Surely, one of the reasons I love what I do is the Networking part.
Wonderful job! to all the organizers- Anna and team, wishing you all the best and good luck for the club 🙂

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MozCafe Chennai

A Blog by Shreyas,


The day started off in a rush. We hurriedly dressed up 6th July, a Sunday morning, to make it to the venue on time just because I promised chocolates for the ones who reach early. Myself, Sujith and Jerald went to Achyuth’s house to pick him up. Yes, the kid needs to be picked up.

We went to his house since it was really close to our meeting venue- Cafe Coffee Day.
Fortunately, his mom gave us chocolates, by word was kept that there would be chocolates for the ones who reach early. We then came to know that Damini and Naresh reached, so we moved to pick them. Naresh was totally surprised to see Sujith along with us because THAT was a surprise!
1 (35)
We then moved to CCD to see Franklin, Subhash & Bharat were already there. Soon Daniel, Shashank and Jayanth also joined us and we started the session.
We started with a round table introduction of each of the members present. Without wasting much time, we discussed over the plans to get the Chennai community more active. We planned for the Hive Makerparty and the discussions were already underway. The planning had already begun.
1 (36)
Sujith shared his experience on Community Building and the new FSA’s were totally excited to hear more about it.
1 (8)
Naresh told us about Firefox OS and app development. He told us his plans for Mozilla Chennai as a community which is growing day by day. And then the boys started playing and posing.
1 (22)
I showed them the Super awesome Firefox OS tablet that I had received from the TCP and also told them to watch out for the next phase of the giveaway and encouraged them to contribute more and perhaps apply for the tablet.
1 (29)
Damini told us more about conducting more events focusing on WoMoz(Women in Mozilla) and her plans on Women centric events.
Achyuth and Shashank, the super awesome webmakers from the community, told the FSA’s more about Makerparty and the general idea behind it and also encouraged them to do more stuff and earn the super cool badges.
1 (26)
I added on somethings about One and Done and testing so that the FSA’s got an idea about what it is and how it’s done.
1 (20)
Indeed a resourceful meet over coffee, chocolates and more.
1 (14)
Thanks a lot people-Super Sunday with a super selfie
1 (23)
Group pic posing

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BroMoz Makerparty

After the super awesome WoMoz Makerparty conducted at Sathyabama University, only for girls, the boys went came and asked us to conduct an event for them. “Why should Girls have all the fun!?” was their question.
We agreed to conduct the event even though it was on such a short notice. This gave rise to the BroMoz maker party-Brothers in Mozilla 😀
I must admit I was reminded of Barney when we decided to name it BroMoz.

Since college was coming to an end, even though we were busy with record submissions and practicals, Shreyas gathered the team and we were up and prepared for the event.

On 27th March, Thursday, the volunteers from IInd year-Franklin, Navdeep and Subash arranged for the registrations which were limited to 60 at the max.

They got the names of the students and the session started at 1:00pm in the Digital Library.

Shreyas asked the students whether anyone had attended any of our previous Mozilla Events before. We got a few hands up.
After that, he asked these students to explain to their friends about their understanding of what Mozilla is, as an organization. We were really proud to see them explaining so well about Non profit and sharing knowledge and volunteer community. Shreyas was proud that he was successful in spreading the word during our events.
He also told them about the Mozilla Community and general functioning of Open Source.

and about Persona and it’s uses, so that they could use it to save and publish their makes.

The next session was taken by Achyuth and Me and we explained them about Webmaker tools.

When we interacted with them, we found out that they were more interested in doing things rather than listening about the tools, so we told them in advance that since the time is very less(the session was from 1pm to 3:40pm), we had to go quick in order to cover all the three tools. But fear not! For we had our super awesome webmakers to the rescue!

  • Achyuth
  • Me
  • Nikhil
  • Franklin
  • Navdeep
  • Subash

We also had the WoMoz team lead, Damini, and WoMoz volunteer- Monika, to help out so that they could assist the boys if they had trouble using the webmaker tools.

We started with X-Ray goggles, since it’s one of the tools that is very less time consuming and extremely easy to understand.

Students had a good time playing around and creating a lot of fun stuff using X Ray Goggles.

We then moved on to Thimble. We gave them the general theme as Meme making since Internet meme’s and trolls were widely popular in here.
Results were some hilarious and creative makes!
We saw multiple makes in thimble from some students who were really interested.

Last session was about Popcorn. Everyone had a great time using Popcorn maker.
Though initially some had a tough time understanding the concept of different Layers in popcorn, I explained them in detail about the need of Layers.

Achyuth, Nikhil and me walked around and helped everyone with their doubts and troubles with saving their makes.

In the end, we had our WoMoz team judging the makes and 3 were chosen among the best, though they had a tough time judging the 100+ makes by these students in the limited time.

Finally three winners were chosen.

We gave away Mozilla swags to the winners.
And no, we never forget to have our share of fun.
Here is #thedaminipose by us:

Links to awesome makes from the event[WARING-A lot]:

Event flickr link: here
and here

WoMoz Maker Party

WoMoz Maker party.

On the 13 of March, Damini Oberoi, WoMoz from Sathyabama Firefox Club, conducted the very first Makerparty that was exclusively for girls.
Even though we planned to keep the event for around 60 people, we were amazed at the number of enthusiastic girls who wanted to attend, and hence, made the maximum to 90.

The event was restricted to the students belonging to CSE and IT department.

At around 9 am,the students settled down in the Digital Library of Sathyabama University.
Shreyas started off with an introduction about Sathyabama Firefox Club, FOSS, Mozilla and Web Literacy.

Damini then took over the session with WoMoz.

She told them about the various influential women all over the world and about Women in technology.

She started off by asking the students a question-How many of you think that there is a need of a separate platform for women to talk, share their views and learn more?
There were many students who raised their hands.

She then asked them why they felt for the need of a separate platform. This gave rise to the current situation and the existing male dominated system.
She asked them whether this was because girls aren’t interested in technology or they have lesser knowledge when compared to their male counterparts? The girls strongly disagreed to this!

She then told them about Women in Mozilla.

Later on, she mentioned about Webmaker. She explained to them various tools and how to work with them.

and then Shreyas told the students about Persona. From why it is used, to getting started with persona.
Everyone signed up for persona.

We then told them in a detailed manner on how to work with Popcornmaker, one of the tools they liked the most.
Everyone were told to create a video and save it.

This video was then judged later on based on their idea, number of events used and length of the video and idea conveyed.

We walked around helping the 90 students to get started with Popcorn. Many had doubts on what was the use of different layers. We explained to them the concept of layers in detail.

We had many wonderful makes from the students.

We had given a general topic as Women Empowerment.

From Mother Theresa to Malala, there were a variety of pictures in the popcorn makes and content.

Later I and Shreyas started judging the makes. Later, Damini joined.

Here are the makes from the event:

We gave 3 Webmaker tees to the first, second and third, and many swags to the winners.

MozCafe Chennai

This was one of our most awaited meetings as it was high time our new FSAs met other Mozillians within Chennai and learn more about their work.

We started arriving in different groups at Cafe Coffee Day at IIT Chennai on 30th of March by around 10 am .  By 10:30 am , we were all present in front of CCD. We had our Mozilla Rep from Chennai, Naresh Kumar who was hoping to meet us all and introduce us to Arun Prakash who happens to be an expert in Tamil Localisation.

We had two students representing SMIT (Vinod Sharma and Tribhuban Jha) and were keen to learn more about Mozilla and how the FSA program functions.

Besides them, our own Sathyabama Firefox Team itself consisted of 10 members, who could attend the meeting:

Achyuth (myself)










We started off the meeting with an introduction to Localisation by Arun Prakash as many of us were interested in it. He explained about how Localisation is not just about translating English to another language and many other variables are to be considered while localising it.

He familiarised us with the and asked anyone who’s interested in Localisation to register in it and start off with their adventure in it!

He also went through the Fuel Project to explain about Style Guides and how to use standard keyboards for different languages, be it Hindi, Tamil or Telugu. Most of the people were interested in Telugu and Hindi Localisation and few others were into Tamil Localisation.

After Arun Prakash’s demo on how Localisation basically works, we all took a break and decided to feed our hungry stomachs.

Later on after hogging, Naresh, Myself and Shashank explained about the Mozilla Projects which might interest the new FSAs such as the Army of Awesome, SuMo, Webmaker. We gave a detailed explanation about the tools used in Webmaking such as Thimble, Popcorn Maker, X-Ray Goggles and since everyone is familiar with basic HTML, it was quite easy to understand.

Naresh went on to explain about the FSA Program and Reps Program and how useful it would be for our future and the betterment of Mozilla Community. He gave a brief description on how Mozillians communicate with each other, such as using Twitter, Facebook and IRC clients.

We also gave a short explanation on KidZilla, the initiative started by our Sathyabama Firefox Club. Surprisingly, the new FSAs were all familiar with it. KidZilla is an initiative which aims at educating school children about the basics of Computers, internet and other similar stuff in a fun and interactive manner. This is also mainly concentrated on small schools with lesser facilities basically in the outskirts of the city.

By the end of the day, everyone had learnt their share of knowledge and ofcourse had shared whatever they knew with the rest.

And we packed up with few group pictures to end the wonderful day.

Special Thanks to Arun Prakash for familiarising us with Localisation. It was much needed.

EtherPad Link for the Event:

Flickr Link for the Photos of the event:


KidZilla 1.2

Blog credits : Shreyas

On 22nd February 2014, we the Mozillians from the Sathyabama Firefox Club, went to St.Joseph’s High School in Khammam as a part of our KidZilla initiative. We were all really excited after the grand success of our previous event.
Though really tired after the event at SRM, we managed to get our spirits high and from Chennai to Khammam.
Our train was at around 7 in the evening on 21st.
The team:

  • Damini- Our very active WoMoz from the region
  • Shashank- Webmaker enthusiast
  • Achyuth- Webmaker enthusiast
  • Satya- Firefox OS geek
  • Nikhil- Firefox OS geek
  • Jerald- Teachtheweb enthusiast and the “shooter”

We reached Khammam at around 3:30 am in the morning, rushed along to the Hotel to get some quality sleep.

On 22nd Morning, at around 9 am, we reached the school.

The team walking towards the school.

We received a warm welcome from the senior staffs in the school.

Since we had a really tight schedule, we had to start off with the event almost immediately. We were surprised to see that the students were already made to assemble in the auditorium and were waiting for the session.

Ms.Roselin requested the students to pray before the event, as is customary in the school.

After the prayer, she started off by introducing Nikhil, an alumni of the school.

She then welcomed each one of us onto the stage and told about the session to the students. Shreyas started off the session by thanking Ms.Roselin.

We was really amazed seeing the number of kids in front of us, who were really attentive and interested to hear more. We were to find out that there were about 300+ students in the auditorium at that moment.
We planned to conduct the session in two phases;
One common session for all the 300 students about the basics of computing and then a classroom session for 7th and 8th grade separately, so that we could give more attention and teach them in a better way.

Shreyas asked them some basic questions about Computers, so that we could decide on how to approach the students and what could be taught to them. The crowd consisted of students from 7th and 8th grade.
We had already gone through their Computer Textbook to see their present syllabus.

Some of the main questions that Shreyas focused on were:

  • What is a Computer?

Uses of a computer-Components of a Computer-Hardware & Software-Input devices-Output devices

  • What is an Operating System?

Types of Operating System-Open Source where you could modify the software and it’s functionality.

The students were really enthusiastic in answering the questions.

When they saw us giving swags and goodies to the active ones, they were more and more interested in interacting with us and answering our questions.

We had a lot of girls among the attendees and that made our WoMoz-Damini, very happy.

Initially, only the boys were answering the questions and were interacting, but soon, after a bit of motivation, even the girls came up to interact and give some wonderful answers and get goodies.

The session was really interactive with the students asking us a lot of questions.
They even asked us  about the Firefox logo on our Tshirts and stuff!

The second session was taken by Achyuth.

Some of the topics that he covered were:

  • What is Internet?

Uses-Educational purposes-How it works

  • What is a Network?

Different types of network-LAN-MAN-WAN

How different websites work.
He asked the students various questions including how data is fetched from the internet when we search something on Google.

The last common session was taken by Damini.
The topics she covered were:

  • How to access the internet?

What are web browsers-what are webpages-different types of web browsers- Firefox

  • Why use Firefox and we are from Mozilla

Due to lack of time, we had to end the common session and proceed with the separate session in the classrooms.

In the classroom sessions, we initially started off with 7th grade and then moved on to 8th.
We had 3 classrooms allotted in each 7th and 8th,and the team split into groups of 2 and went to each class.

In the classroom session, we asked the students about HTML.
We came to know that they did not know anything about HTML apart from the definition. We moved on to teach them HTML from the basics-right from the tags, to changing background colour of a webpage.

Once the got the concepts of HTML and webpages, we told them about Webmaking and the different tools of webmaker like Popcorn, Thimble and X Ray Goggles.

The kids were amazed seeing the wonderful things X Ray Goggles could do.

We also had a small session on Paper prototyping.

After the classroom session, we all departed for lunch. It was the end of the session for students from 7th and 8th grade. So they left the school after this. They told us that they really enjoyed the session.
The kids asked us for our autographs and also our Facebook id’s.
It was a bit emotional when they asked us “Can you come again?”.

Post lunch, we had a 45 minutes session for the students of 9th grade. The students had exam in the morning and came in the afternoon to attend our session.

Since it was a fairly shot session, we covered the basics of HTML and told them more about Mozilla and Firefox.

We also told them about Firefox OS on mobile phones.

Session for teachers:
Our visit to the school had a very strong purpose this time. It was to initiate a Webmaker School Club.
Having had several discussions with Emma Irwin, an awesome Mozillian who initiated Webmaker School Club concept, we found ways to collaborate KidZilla and Webmaker School Club in a way that KidZilla would be a one day session on basics of webmaking and it’s importance. If the school likes the concept, they could initiate a Webmaker School Club in their school. This would be supported by local Mozillians or computer enthusiasts who are interested in helping with this initiative.

For starting something like this, we found it necessary to educate the teachers about the importance of such an initiative.
Here is a Popcorn make about the entire session for the teachers:
Alternate link on youtube:

Here is a feedback by the teachers about our initative:

Here is the agenda for the teachers session:

We would like to thank St.Joseph’s High School for inviting us to conduct an event and also for being interested in starting a Webmaker School Club.

The team would also like to thank Nikhil for arranging everything from the logistics to the transportation and accommodation.

It would be incomplete if the team does not thank Shashank, Shashank’s mom for arranging such varieties of wonderful and delicious food and for allowing the team to stay at home. :P

We would like to thank all the Mozillians who contacted us to volunteer for KidZilla or to start an initiative as such in their school.
We’re currently working on a structure that could facilitate the expansion of KidZilla and Webmaker School Clubs.
Please watch out for more updates.
If you’re impatient like us, don’t hesitate to contact Shreyas at:

Event link on reps portal:
Flickr link: